Received a billing statement which stated that the prior month's bill was unpaid and there was a late charge.

Had to call in twice and send in proof of payment twice to get someone to mark that bill as paid. Their endorsement is clearly marked on the back of the check in question.

I have already paid two unwarranted late fees on this, just to get it to go away and have called at least seven times to have the late fees removed but they continue showing up on the bills.

I will call again but will consider pushing our company to use another service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Danville, California, United States #1318914

From my perspective, they're no longer well managed. I was a customer at answernet for 4 years and was very satisfied the first 3.

Then the person in charge (Loertta) retired and a new person came on board. This is an example of where one person can make a great service go completely wrong. The new manager is Alfonso Martinez and has no business managing anything. Instead of addressing and resolving an issue as a good manager, he's done nothing but made it worse.

I had a complaint about my december bill, as it was 3 times higher than my previous december bill which made no sense. I asked him for detailed reporting for find out more and have yet to receive anything from him, and this is end of April now. One time he responds to one of my emails and says he sent me all the reports, which did not happen. I asked for the report again last month and still nothing.

Not one time has he called or reached out to me to make sure I've received it or try to resolve the issue.

They also continue to bill be even thought I've already cancelled the service. My $350 a month bill now has accumulated to close to $2800. My guess is we'll end up in court as I don't plan on paying them.

My suggestion to you is avoid answernet. I realize its just this one bad manager, but a company that does not recognize they have such employees in charge is probably not run well.

San Francisco, California, United States #801612

Has been resolved, thank you.

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